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their stories of the day that will live in infamy. >>> urn the heaters to high from texas to maine. the big chill -- turning the heaters to high from texas to maine. >>> popular exercise machine getting recalled. the danger the government says it could pose. the >>> eureka high clouds 51, a few high clouds, a lot of sun upper 50s through the central valley. low 60s around big sur and down south warmest weather mid to upper 60s san diego, los angeles and palm springs. >>> 5:48. this week secretary of state clinton is holding a rare meeting in geneva with syrian opposition figures. she told the group exiled in europe she wants to hear their plans to establish a new democratic government in syria the group is made up of political dis-- dissidents. many believe syria is spiralling towards civil war with growing reports of thousands being killed in the streets. syrian president assad sat down with barbara walters in his first interview with an american journalist since the uprising began in march. >> do you think that your forces crackdown too hard? >> they are not my forces. they are forces tha
in the texas panhandle and put road crews on an -- on alert in five states including oklahoma and kansas, i-40 closed from amarillo, texas into new mexico. police and national guard troops have been used in 100 highway rescues where people were stranded in the snow. shelters are being set up along the route. hotels are filling up fast as people take refuge. forcasters warn preholiday travel in that area will be difficult if not impossible. >>> they are not just dreaming of a white christmas, they are getting it. >> we are still deeming. >> and we'll continue to dream it is not going to happen everyday we -- we talk about how dry it is and how we hope it changes, right now hope is not winning. maybe something will change in the new year that's about how long it will take before we get significant snow in the sierra. this is gorgeous, the lack of fog, clear sky, it is cool this morning. let's check out temperatures under the clear sky running 29 in santa rosa, 30 napa, 32 novato fairfield getting frost scattered frost around livermore concord and also mountain view 33 to 34° there. 36 antioch.
highways closed in the texas panhandle. i-40 is closed from amarillo, texas into new mexico police and national guard troops used in 100 highway rescues where people were stranded in the snow. shelters set up along the route. hotels are filling up as people take refuge. forcasters warn that preholiday travel in that area will be difficult, if not impossible. >> mike may want to start yelling at his computer, snow, snow, see how that works out. >> somebody needs to take responsibility for this injustice! >> heels pounding set this morning. >> we all feel -- he's pounding the set this morning. >> we all feel -- >> that was kind of extreme. 6:48. we need to look down from mount tamalpais, sausalito, tiburon, belvidere to san francisco, you can see oakland on the left. temperatures chilly outside. we are running in the 20s up in the north bay valleys. low to mid 30s east bay valleys mid to upper 30s everywhere he will except oakland, san francisco and half moon bay mid to upper 40s monterey bay and inland upper 30s to near 40 gilroy 28°. low humidity very dry and with sunshine mild te
to jail. in austin texas there was nearly a riot. security at this mall called for backup when the crowd swelled to more than 1,000 people. arnold with pepper spray and a helicopter overhead, police tried to keep control but in the end an officer was trampled when the crowd tried pushing their way into footlocker. >> nike has released a statement saying it is concerned about the crowd incidents and is encouraging anyone wishes to perfect the product to do so in a respectful and safe manner. >>> all over the bay area shoppers will race today to a photo finish. only a few days ago an estimated one-third of americans still had shopping to do. abc7's david louie has a look at the last minute crowds. >> there's a different feeling at the mall. sure, the stores are busy and the pressure is on. >> got everything done? >> no, not even close. not even close. >> so why does everyone look so happy and relaxed? >> i mean i'm a little less stressed about the income coming in myself. so hopefully people are feeling that, and plus, you know, along the season people get a chance to get into it a little
of rape in texas and is considered armed and dangerous. >>> this morning there's a harsh sign of the times outside glide memorial church. 50 people began lining up last night for a food give away that doesn't begin until later this morning. the church is plan fog give away 5500 bags of groceries starting at 7:30 this morning people in line say that may not be enough to feed everyone who is expected to show up. >>> 5:06. chilly outside for those folks waiting in line at glide. let's find out more about the forecast. >>> temperatures in the 20s, 30s and 40s, all over the place we have a breeze in our hills, mount diablo gusts up to 58 miles per hour last night, depending on when you got up. good morning, familiar look to our pattern, storm system to the west pushed north by an area of high pressure over the ocean also over land. coldest temperatures now santa rosa 30, quarter mile visibility, freezing fog, black ice a possibility, also freezing novato 32. mid to upper 30s napa, concord, fremont, redwood city, mountain view, san jose, mid 40s antioch, livermore, san francisco, 41 oakland and
for construction of an oil pipeline from alaska to texas that president obama has threatened to veto. the measure now goes to the senate where top democrats strongly oppose the pipeline provision. >>> state attorney general fighting fire with fire or in this case technology with technology. yesterday chelan. ed a model approach to fighting -- yesterday -- >> >> reporter: california has more i don't think theft complaints than any other -- the state attorney general was in san jose to launch a counterattack. >> we take those crimes seriously. weather here to say to anybody who thinks they smarter than -- we are heree+á< to say to anybody who thinks they are smarter than us that times are changing. >> reporter: the idea is to use technology more effectively to fight technology related crime. a leading expert says the mission of evidence gathering and prosecution has been a weak link in the crime rich landscape. the e-crime unit will focus on criminals -- 20 attorneys and investigators at the state level will help local agencies and take on the cases that involve big money or loss -- this count are
conditions in western texas and eastern new mexico if you are traveling through that area could be tough going. winter astronomically begins at 9:30 wednesday evening no real change in the forecast temperatures remain in the mid to upper 50s along the coast upper 50s to near 60 inland low 60s around the bay shore. here's frances with an update. >> i like that extend look at the seven day. back to the san jose area, a car hit a pedestrian and emergency crews are en route now on alem rock avenue, a popular stretch at sunny slope, look out for that. on the freeway a lot of green, 68, 65 6rbgs 7 miles an hour, 101 and 880 interchange, northbound 101, 880 light through downtown san jose. bay bridge toll traffic back up towards the end of the parking lot for some of the lanes. still looking good for the fast track lanes. i-80 in berkeley westbound more crowded now near university. a stall has been reported blocking middle lanes coming off the bay bridge on the eastbound 80 dexa preaching the maze. we'll let you know if that -- if that causes a delay. then 680 walnut creek earlier crash on the
more time in iowa. >> bigger numbers and feel very good. >> reporter: then there's texas congressman ron paul. >> something will change. >> reporter: who has a strong organization in iowa and got a boost when senator sorensen, an influential tea party figure left michelle bachmann's campaign to sign up for team paul. >> clearly two tiers of candidates i think ron paul is in that top tier. >> reporter: michelle bachmann says ron paul would be a dangerous president. huntsman called him unelectable. tahmon bradley, abc news, washington. >>> :50. let's take a look at the traffic situation out there. frances dinglasan is going to check that for us. >>> we've had a few accidents for this time of the morning could be due to the wet and slick roads with the moisture. we are going to take you to one in cal cot tunnel westbound -- caldecott tunnel westbound tunnel blocking a lane. still moving smoothly as you make your way towards oakland at 55 miles per hour. also an accident in hayward southbound 880 on the whipple off-ramp, not blocking any lanes. two accidents on the peninsula, east 92 to
with mexico in west texas kiosk located in big bend national park it would allow people scan their identity documents and talk to a customs officer by phone from another location. federal officials say it would be a security upgrade noting it is easy to wade across the shallow rio grande undetected. >> members of the marin county worth board of supervisors have run up 2.3 million dollars of expenses the most expensive tab for any board in the bay area. a new audit tries to break down the expenditures half the tab was spent for aides to the supervisors. board members have said they don't have any issue with you office expenses saying they try to hold the line as much as possible. >>> don't be surprised if your local fedex guy or gal looks more stressed today. fedex is just starting what is expected to be the busiest day and busiest week in the company's history. the company expects to ship more than 17 million packages world wide today, 12% increase over last year's=(s busiest day double the volume of a typical day. 290,000 workers will serve as santa's helpers fedex has hired 20,000 season
though the caucuses on tuesday, the texas congressman plans to head home for the weekend. the latest evidence of his unconventional approach for winning the gop nomination. as for the other candidates, no surprise, many are taking verbal shots at each other. we have the details. >> it's a mad dash to the finish line. the iowa caucuses are still up for grabs. a new nba poll shows mitt romney and ron paul in a tight race for the top spot. then it's a bear knuckle fight to win the bronze. the an dates are aiming their attacks at the one just ahead of them in the policy. rick perry is hitting rick santorum. >> senator santorum load up his bills with pork. >> and this is the dangerous thing paul represents. >> and paul going after romney. but for the last month everyone has attacked newt gingrich and it's had a major effect. he's gone from first to fifth in just a few weeks. according to one anatural assist, nearly half the ads that ran this month focused on gingrich and the vast majority were negative. >> i think politics has become a nasty, vicious, negative business and i think it's di
employees at the texas store about the policy. >>> urgent call this morning to help homeless families. more families -- more families than ever are homeless. a san francisco foundation has stepped up to help. here's david louie with the story. >> reporter: [ unintelligible ] they call this one room home for now inside a shelter operated by hamilton family sutter. as unemployment and foreclosures continue, san francisco is finding homeless families are a growing challenge. >> the demand has increased over these past two years to a point where we are able to meet the need immediately so we can get someone into a shelter bed tonight. but long term, sustainable-type resources takes longer itch >> reporter: the biggest impact the -- children. >> kids who do not have stability and security in their lives it is hard for them to focus, to even get up and get to school. >> reporter: 60 homeless families in san francisco will be getting rent subsidies of $800 a month so they can find new homes as a result of a 1 1/2 million dollar donation. the mayor's homeless fund will match that grant. one told u
of snow to albuquerque and west texas this afternoon. this pattern stays locked in for the foreseeable future. looks like temperatures will mold in the mid to upper 50s along the coast low 60s bay shore upper 50s to near 60 inland all dry seven days of the forecast. >>> good morning. we check out roadwork going on now as you make your way out of half moon bay towards san mateo blocking major connection ramp from eastbound 92 to northbound 280 scheduled to be there until 7:00 this morning. there is a pour in place i'll get you on to 280. -- is a detour in place that will get you on to 280. headlights northbound here's 101 for head lights moving northbound out of morgan hill out of gilroy up the peninsula, fine. live shot of i-80 in berkeley, all is well. you can get the latest -- one more shot, westbound 240 rib . get more information by going to -- >>> now 5:20. >> next, ring an dinglasan salvation arm -- ring a ding, how the occupy movement is opening the top of the best dog's list. [ woman ] before allegra-d, winter allergs meant congestion. after allegra-d, i c
in texas on the same day. >> imagine that. >> god bless you men. learn how to say, "you're right dear." it will save you lots of trouble. >>> next, latest on the toddler who was shot in the head earlier this week in west oakland. why the family says he's showing some signs of improvement. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo live in the mission district in san francisco. an apartment fire has forced dozens on to the cold and windy streets. some were taken to the hospital. live report from the scene, coming up. >>> also, major action in santa cruz, police make and you successful attempt at clearing demonstrators out of a vacant building. >>> high temperatures across the country starting to look more like winter, fargo 26, 24 through denver. head the east coast upper 40s to low 50s no delays there. none midwest even out towards the west, with all the gusty winds we still don't have delays here in california. flight tracker at the bottom. ♪ i must have the wrong house. sister? we missed you. they waited up all night for you, you know. it's a long way from west africa. ahh...cof
will face texas in the holiday bowl that game will take place in san diego december 28th. >> is your money on a bear or longhorn? >> i have to go for the bears. >> oregon and oklahoma state play almost the same type of offense. >> if it is speed oh my goodness i was at that oregon game, believe me as they say speed kills. >> it is starting to feel like bull season, getting chilly around here. >> absolutely. 5:50 this morning. starting to feel more like winter keel keep an eye on those bowl games and give you -- we'll keep an eye on those bowl games and give you the forecasts. beautiful picture of usf this morning gorgeous,. good luck to the -- temperatures outside, we are running around in the 42 range in santa rosa and fremont, 47 half moon bay and antioch mid 40s oakland and concord 30s mountain through 35°37 redwood city los gatos 37 also 37 santa cruz 29 gilroy 41 monterey. sunny and mild those are our temperatures for today we'll have low humidity if your lips are chapped they are going to stay that way same with your hands and everything else that is dry out there walk by someone za
into custody. clark has been convicted of rape in texas. and is considered armed and dangerous. >>> a few hours from now barry bonds will find out whether he will spend the next 21 months of his life in prison when a judge sentences him on obstruction of justice charges. terry mcsweeney joins us live from the federal court house in san francisco with a preview. terry, we know barry would rather go home than go to prison. >> reporter: absolutely. what a difference the sentencing will make in the life of barry bonds. even when the sentencing is done the case may not be. dean johnson joins me now. prosecutors want 15 months in prison. the federal probation department is saying house arrest and maybe community service would suffice. where it is going to come down? >> i think the judge is going to do what she has done in previous cases that presented similar facts and charges. i think barry is looking at something between six months and a year of house arrest, the recommended two years of probation, small fine and community service work. >> reporter: the probation department is saying they are sidin
war. chuck severson shows us christians around the world. >> tears of joy in fort hood, texas. soldiers of the last combat brigade to leave iraq got home just in time for christmas. others weren't so lucky. troops are leaving georgia this christmas eve for a new tour of duty in afghanistan. >> just how people support us, openly during the holiday season. we are away from our families. >> they will join tens of thousands of soldiers still fighting in afghanistan. some attended church service necessary could be he will. will -- it's sad being i away from my family but this is also my family. >> and the president remembers those. >> stand say a prayer for our perhaps all over the world, especially the brave men and women in after gran stan. >> and pope benedict xvi lit a candle in his window. a few hours later he celebrated the traditional christmas eve mass. . ♪ >> and more than 100,000 tour efforts and pilgrams backed bethlehem to celebrate the traditional christmas mass, the christmas nativity at the birthplace of jesus. chuck severson, abc news. >> he survived a bombing in
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